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Sunday School- 9:45 am / Sunday Worship Services- 11:00 am and 6:00 pm

what are our Worship services like?

We understand one of the main questions in looking for a church to worship with is, "What are the worship services like?" Our hope is this video will help give you an idea of "how" we worship the Lord together.

Regulative Principle

When We gather to worship the Lord we want to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Thus, our services are bathed in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to bless our worship and to be among us. Likewise, we arrange our worship service to include only things we see in the New Testament. We believe the whole service is worship, so our normal order of service is as follows:

Welcome and Announcemnts

Worship Through Scripture Reading (Old and New Testament)

Worship Through Prayer

Worship Through Songs (Usually two traditional hymns sung with a piano) 

Worship Through Silent Corporate Prayer 

Worship Through Songs (Usually two contemporary worship songs sung with a guitar) 

Worship Through the Preaching of the Word (We offer childcare during this section of the service) 

Worship Through the Lord's Supper (We Take the Lord's Supper Weekly) 

Worship Through a Response Song

Worship Through a Blessing Given 

(Note: Our worship services genreally last About 1 hour and 15 minutes)